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Attention: George Brown College students from the following programs:

CULINARY: H108, H100, H113, H116, H119, H134, H315, H316, H317.

Your program requires you to complete the online sanitation course BASICS.fst® with webcam exam. Please enter your last name, student number and email address below to automatically receive your login information, PIN/PASSWORD by email. There are no additional costs for completing this course or your first attempt at writing the final exam. BASICS.fst® with webcam exam has been included in your program tuition.

Please provide the information below

Your program
First Name *Same as name indicated on Stuview
Last Name *Same as name indicated on Stuview
Student Number
Email Address A message will be sent to your GBC email address.


How long time does it approximately take to complete the training?
This course requires an average of 12 hours to complete.

What is the passing grade for the final exam?

How many questions is the exam?
The exam contains 35 multiple choice questions and 15 true/false questions

How long time do I have for the exam?
60 minutes

What is the cost of the course for my first attempt?
This cost has been built into your program tuition.

What if I fail the exam on my first attempt?
You must return to the main portal page, and purchase the BASICS.fst WEBCAM RETEST, this must be completed before you can write the exam again.

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