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Purchase only if you have failed your BASICS.fst or ADVANCED.fst exam.

Please enter your existing PIN and Password in the blue box to the right where indicated. Click the Login button and you will be taken to a purchase page. Be sure to choose the course you have completed - BASICS.fst or ADVANCED.fst - when you make your purchase.

Once you have completed your payment the Exam Access course will appear in your account. Click on "My Courses" to see the Webcam Exam Access course in your personal account.

When you complete the five questions in the Exam Access course you will be prompted to take your exam. You can choose to do it immediately or later. When you are ready to take the exam you simply log back into your course account and click “Exam Access”.

If you are an international student and are unable to purchase your retest from this site please click here for an order form. Your order will be filled within 2 business days.

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